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5 / May / 2010
And quiet flows the Kabini…
Sambar Deer crossing, Kabini Photograph: Giri Cavale Story: Rajesh Ramaswamy

And quiet flows the Kabini…

There comes a time in the lives of even the mightiest forces, when itโ€™s not all about that relentless charge towards their destiny. This is a time to ease off, and reflect; to pull back and gather your strength about you, and not proclaim your majesty in full voice. This is the time when your loyal subjects can approach without fear and establish a familiarity, an almost familial intimacy that would be unthinkable when you hold court otherwise. Consider the picture of the Sambar Deer crossing the river. It all seems so calm and pastoral and suggests a peaceful everyday occurrence. But still waters, even metaphorically, can run deep. When she is in full flow, the Kabini is a raging empress and mistress of all she surveys. There is simply no way a humble Sambar can dream of crossing over so insouciantly without being swept away or being fodder to crocodiles: those grim reapers of her deep dungeons. But then, this is summer, a time when another force of nature puts forth in all his blazing glory, and even a mighty empress needs to withdraw, yield awhile to an incandescent Sun, and look after her own flock. Summer is when water sources dry up and food is in short supply. This is the time when a ruler needs to wear the garb of a nurturer. And true to type, the Empress withdraws gracefully to reveal islands laden with a table of green. A royal invitation to dine is extended not just to the powerful elephantine clans, but also to a humble, solitary Sambar who seeks sustenance. And a chance to quietly go with the flow.

We at Orange County have loved sharing this story with you, and shall bring you one every fortnight, as part of our Responsible Tourism Initiatives to raise awareness about the nature and culture of the environments we operate in.

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User Comments
  1. Rinesh says:

    The lucky sambar!!!!!wish i was there!!!

  2. vivek & pranali says:

    very nice pic,man keep it up nd send the same. wish we culd see with our naked eyes…

  3. Japu & Jemmy says:

    Its is nice to receive Lifescapes mail. We think they are exceedingly informative. Thank you.

    Japu & Jemmy

  4. Sanjay Sharma says:

    Sustained excellence. In imagery and commentary. This is what makes Lifescapes a winner for me.Keep it up g’men!

  5. Gopalkrishnan says:

    Hats Off to You Giri Cavale ,Great Photograph

    Wish to come and see it Really in the naked Eye

  6. Venkatesh kolappa Exec- Naturalist Orange County , Kabini says:

    Lovely shot. It looks like a perfect evening in summer. I agree with some of the comments that this is not a common sighting. This stag has come out of the dry jungle and was probably looking for some grass in the islands. Before venturing into the shallow water, this deer might have scanned the river for crocodiles. The Sambar deer unlike spotted deer like to wallow in mud. I have seen deer come and stand in the shallow water and return back to the jungle during very hot days. The Sambar also gets into deep waters as a mode of escape from the predators, especially when its been chased by pack of wild dogs. I have seen elephants swimming between National parks (Bandipur & Nagarhole).This happens usually in summer when the river recedes considerably. Apart from elephants, I had a rare sighting of a wild boar swimming across the Kabini river from Nagarhole to Bandipur.

  7. Lucy Mulloor says:

    Nice Giri…
    Seems so tranquil and calm. Can’t describe the feeling.. Miss Kabini.. Miss India… Can’t wait to be back

  8. Karin Schifferle says:

    Please help to preserve this nature with a calm and gentle tourism. Thanks for sharing this beautiful scenery.

  9. Bala says:

    beautiful picture and great narration. I have been enjoying these monthly features. keep up the good work!!

  10. priya mukund says:

    Mindblowing picture! Have been to Kabini a couple of times but never saw somethinmg like this. Love the wildlife and the wilderness in Kabini!

  11. Manish Mehta says:

    We really enjoyed the couple of days. We wish that we visit again soon.

  12. Jose Ramapuram (Director - Marketing, Orange County Resorts) says:

    Beautiful photo Giri. The uniqueness of Kabini captured in all its beauty. The philosophical style of writing complimenting the serenity of the scene. Great job Rajesh ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Giri Cavale says:

      Thanks Jose,

      I never expected this image will be liked by so many people.

      We had just missed seeing 2 Tigers together at sun set point. While we were waiting for some action to happen, it started to pour. The animals around were rejoicing in the summer rain when this sambar deer began to cross the river. Kabini is one place you can make amazing back lit images of animals. This is one such, I was lucky to get elephants in the back ground. What made it special was the sun peeping out a bit from the dark clouds & give the water a nice glow.

  13. Diwakaran Nair says:

    Serene. Nature relaxing at Kabini. Lovely, natural photography. And a restrained, yet powerful word imagery. Good job once again by the Ed and his team.
    Orange County rocks again.

  14. Aman Dhari Sinha says:

    a beautiful picture which vividly captures nature at her uninhibited best. your efforts , pictures and the nicely crafted write-ups are commendable.

  15. Ashwin S says:

    Amazing picture, the natural hue lighting making it even the more spectacular. I am really eagerly looking forward for my stay there next month.

  16. Amar Sharma says:

    An absolutely gem of a shot……..what a fantastic picture this is. Feast to the hungry eyes.

  17. devanand says:

    Beautiful pic and copy that make you want to pack your bags and head to such destinations pronto.

  18. Tania says:

    Wonderful shot…equally well narrated

  19. Krishnan Narayanan says:

    Beautiful picture and a quiet, mellow tribute in words. Lifescapes is a singular joy in pictures and verse. Thank you.

  20. Sripathi says:

    Excellent photograph and write up!

  21. Ramesh says:


  22. Janak Kikani says:

    Simply Serene

  23. Vimal Jain says:

    Love the wildlife & the deer with elephants in the background.

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