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8 / Oct / 2009
The Chameleon that ate a Deer
Leopard, Kabini
Giri Cavale

The Chameleon that ate a Deer

A leopard can’t change colour. Period. And we’ve always been told he can’t change his spots. Yet he qualifies as the Chameleon of the Big Cat family. The reason isn’t hard to see…he is! Trying to spot a leopard, when he doesn’t want to be seen, is like looking for one particular needle in a family reunion of porcupines. He is a master of stealth, guile and animal cunning, and doesn’t just merge into the background, but becomes the tapestry itself. While primarily a nocturnal hunter, this explains why he’s more successful at daytime hunting than his bigger cousin, the tiger. He can blend in with even the scantiest of scrub, and remain unnoticed till it’s time to pounce on that fat, juicy deer. Good sort of guy to have around, if you run a detective agency, we must say. For someone who loves the nightlife, he’s hardly a party animal, and much prefers doing his own thing. This could have something to do with the fact that he’s so hard to spot, even by other feline fashionistas. Romantic interludes are occasional, more functional than romantic, and don’t even include a candle light dinner for two. He prefers to dine alone, preferably in a room with a view, where attitude meets altitude, and sets his dinner table on the nearest treetop. After all, he’s done all the hard work dragging that heavy Chital stag up the tree, and with the appetite he’s worked up, he’s hardly in the mood to share. All said and done, if you, perchance, meet a shy leopard, do tell him about all the nice things you’ve read. And you might just discover leopards can change colour, especially when they blush.

We at Orange County have loved sharing this story with you, and shall bring you one every fortnight, as part of our Responsible Tourism Initiatives to raise awareness about the nature and culture of the environments we operate in.

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User Comments
  1. Tarun Jacob says:

    “Trying to spot a leopard, when he doesn’t want to be seen, is like looking for one particular needle in a family reunion of porcupines”. What a fantastic neat line brought a smile on my face 🙂 ,as i started reading this line I almost knew it would read “looking for a needle in a haystack” but NO its got to be different when its Lifescapes OC! Very nice narration again!

  2. S. Devanand says:

    “For someone who loves the nightlife, he’s hardly a party animal, and much prefers doing his own thing.”
    “Romantic interludes are occasional, more functional than romantic, and don’t even include a candle light dinner for two.”

    Ha, ha… absolutely marvelous copy! Learning facts has never been this much fun! The photography is simply awesome!

  3. Pawan Kumar says:

    Keep up the great Job and its really nice to see the way in which Indian Wildlife is been portrayed worldwide. More such initiatives should be carried out henceforth wherein we can preserve our wild life future.

  4. priyanka says:

    nice pic
    gr8 narration
    good job
    plz continue 2 do dis kind of eco-friendly work

  5. Chandrasekhar Reddy says:

    Good show! I like the format which comes in convenient nibblets served in a light hearted manner. Very good for guys like me, who are long on (available) time, but short on attention span.

  6. Crispin Pinto says:

    Cat’s are my favourite..And what better way to start my day by getting to view this striking pose..Nature at its best..superb photo…interesting article too..keep it up..

  7. Pooja says:

    Great shot! n I love the narration!

  8. Asha says:

    Yet another treat to the eyes! In colour and in print! Informative and entertaining 🙂 Good show!

  9. Apu Sista, Photographer says:

    Gr8 pic!!! Too good!

  10. Dr. Guhagarkar says:

    Awesome photo, hope to see one when we come there soon.

  11. Roli Jain says:

    This one’s beautiful. I would like to know more about it, and your eco-tourism initiatives.

    • Jose Ramapuram, Director - Marketing, Orange County Resorts says:

      Dear Roli,
      Thank you very much for your comment. We are pleased to inform you that Orange County Resorts is currently the finalist for ‘Asia’s Responsible Tourism Award’ by World Travel Awards, described as the Oscars of the Travel Industry. Information including our Responsible Tourism Policy and Initiatives can be found at . Thank you

  12. Tara Sharma says:

    Welcome the next issue.
    Thank you.

  13. GANESH HR says:

    very good photo, looks majestic, looking forward for more photos like this from Giri cavale

    Thanks & regards
    Ganesh HR
    Orange County, Coorg

  14. jagadish.m.b says:

    Wonderful and no more word to express

  15. Tanmoy Majumder says:

    Nice stuff. Keep up the good work.

  16. Barbara Thomas says:

    Interesting! the photograph itself is beautiful, and the inference inspiring. Thank you!

  17. George Varghese says:

    Thank you for that very very nice photo-essay. We pray for you and wish you all the best in improving your Tourism responsibility.

  18. Chitra says:

    Its really Splendid ! especially the focussed sight of the stealthy eater.

    The write up too deserevs an appalaud.Keep up the good work.

  19. Nanda Ramesh says:

    Picture is too good. I just had to leave a comment because of it. The eyes and posture cannot be any better to capture the essence of a leopard.

  20. Lucy Garnett says:

    Wow!!! Giri… Fantastic.. The picture is alive…. Great write up as well. Would love to share it with a few friends. Thanks for sharing..

  21. Suzanne Huot says:

    How beautifully you have captured the nature and spirit of this awesome feline, not only in pixels but with word as well
    thank you for sharing this one Giri

  22. Dr.Pramod. says:

    Fantastic pic Giri.

  23. Zenith Jolly says:

    Stunning picture, brilliant commentary. Not only I see chicanery with the animal, i can see the chicanery,in the way, the moment is captured and the chicanery word play. Good show Rajesh and team.

  24. Diwakaran Nair says:

    This is truly outstanding picture. One of the best. And the way the caption hides the real meaning is worthy of the leopard itself. Keep it up Orange County. Lifescapes is getting better and better, and I can’t wait till next week.
    Also, why were you late this week? My children were so disappointed to miss the issue yesterday.

    • Jose Ramapuram, Director - Marketing, Orange County Resorts says:

      Dear Mr. Nair,

      The Lifescapes team including the photographers, Story teller and the Orange County team, really appreciate your motivating comments. Thank you once again. One day’s delay this time was due to an issue with e-mail software. It was caused more due to our lack of complete understanding of the same :). Although it did strike us that your children and similarly others would be waiting for the same, we couldn’t really do much about it until the next day. We however assure you that we shall continue to try our very best in keeping mails on schedule.
      Thanks and warm regards to you and family from the Lifescapes team.

  25. Ajay Gopalswamy says:

    Superb picture ! Don’t know how you managed it, keep up the good work. And, nice commentary, as usual.

  26. jagadish.m.b says:

    Marvelous!! keep it up

  27. Viswanath V N says:

    Great capture the look and the stance are just beautiful. Such things can be seen only in Indian Jungles. Good one Giri. Keep it up.

  28. Patrapanda Nanjunda Appaiah says:

    It is really a very good picture and the naration made are excellent. I hail from Kodagu (Coorg) and live in New Delhi at present. I really understand the natures beauty and its important in our life. I don’t agree that Leopard change colour but they change their strategy and choose right time.


  29. Kiran D Kumar says:

    This is definitely a great and majestic look by the cat into your lens….way to go!!! happy clicking and keep it going.. 🙂 Cheers and all the best buddy!!!

  30. Nandakumar says:

    Could there be a better picture to prove how a leopard cannot be spotted easily? Great shot Giri. Somewhere you must have become a leopard to shoot one at such close quarters. And what a matching teaser of a caption? The write-up also deserves a pat on the back. Keep shining.

  31. Misch says:

    Superb pic! I can just imagine how the leopard would have looked in the wild. Kudos Giri. This pic definitely needs a keen eye.

  32. Siby Antony says:

    Fantastic picture…..stealthy photographer as well!

  33. rajpal navalkar says:

    super Giri!!!!

  34. Rajesh Kapadia says:

    Amazing pic. Thanks for sharing. And a lovely write up too. Carry on..with more !!

  35. Patrick George says:

    Exotic…no words to explain…..please cntinue ur wonderfull job……

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