A vacation, a holiday, a getaway means different things to different people. Some of us want a break from the grind; we hate the idea of waking up early in the morning for an activity or packing in numerous things-to-do and running around with a checklist when we have taken time off from work. There are others who have a very different plan while on a trip; they hate time lazing around and want to do everything possible in and around their travel destination.

My ideal choice is one that caters to both kinds of tourists.

morning in coorg

Early Morning Birdwatching – Photograph: Gautham Gopi


At Evolve Back, Coorg you can choose to unwind and enjoy the exquisite décor of your villa/cottage/bungalow. You can choose to just be; you could snuggle in bed till late every morning and call the spa to book a relaxing ayurvedic massage for the early afternoon. You can sit on your lounge chair by the pool after a sumptuous breakfast and just listen to the chirping of birds, or pick up your binoculars and track the activities of the visiting Malabar Giant Squirrel. You can go for long, leisurely walks around the estate, climb up to the treehouse for a view, pass the paddy fields on the way and come back for a dip in your private pool under the open blue skies or soak in your bathtub. This could be your me-time; spending time to renew, rejuvenate and revive your tired body and reconnect with your soul.

Evolve Back also has lots to offer the traveller who wants it all. This resort offers curated experiences onsite; bird watching, coffeeology, coracle rides, plantation walks and worker’s trail walking.

If you are a professional or amateur birdwatcher and early mornings are your idea of a perfect holiday then you must be up and ready for a guided walk through the plantation to meet our winged friends. I just stumbled on the fact that Coorg alone accounts for 25 per cent of bird species found in India. The dense green cover, the coffee plantations and the many flowering plants are home to many native and visiting feathered friends at the Chikkana Halli Estate and you are welcomed by the resonating sound of bird calls. It can be a long walk but it is most definitely a very rewarding one when you spot the Indian Robin, the Indian Grey Hornbill or the noisy Jungle Babblers.

morning in coorg

Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher – Photograph: Gautham Gopi


Does coffee help energize you after a busy morning? If you’re a coffee-addict who doesn’t just love nursing a cup of hot brew but wants to learn about the art and science of gourmet coffee, coffeeology is a daily live session where you can watch and experience an array of coffee preparations.

If the morning activities have left you feeling a little tired, you might want to enjoy a lazy coracle ride on the Cauvery. Coracles are round fishing boats that are perfect to experience the infinite whims of the river.

Your quest for more fruitful pursuits on a vacation need not end right away, you can still choose between a plantation walk or the workers’ trail. On the trail you can ride a tractor and join workers as they pick coffee and pepper and lend a hand with their daily farm activities. This gives you a unique opportunity to experience plantation life and celebrate your hot coffee or the many spices that flavour your food.

No matter what kind of a traveller you are, Evolve Back has you covered. At Coorg, it provides the perfect blend of nature, leisure and luxury.