I’ll see you near the clock tower!

Wait for me near the clock tower,

Get into the bus near the clock tower!

Get off near the clock tower!

Ohh! That store!! That bank!! Its right near the clock tower.

That’s the significance of the iconic landmark tower for – me, the people of Coorg, the residents in and around Virajpet, the tourists of Coorg and much more! For people of Coorg, especially those who have lived in and around this small tranquil town of Virajpet, Clocktower is an emotion that forms many words and sentiments. Its one of the main attractions of Virajpet, and me hailing from this small town and having spent my growing up days in and around this town, I always take pride of my growing up days here and flaunt to my friends this clock tower or rather even call it as a Big Ben of Virajpet.

Historians say that the clock tower was constructed to commemorate the Coronation Durbar held by King George V at New Delhi in 1911. The then Chief Commissioner of Kodagu (Coorg then) Sir Hugh Daly laid the foundation stone for the tower on February 5 in, 1914, and it was inaugurated by the then District Magistrate R K Ellis in January 1915. The land for the clock tower was donated by the Mukkatira family of Devanagari village, near here.

This iconic Clock tower, which is a standalone tower, stands in all its glory and is one of the town’s major landmarks and tourist attractions, as it completed its centenary on Feb 5, 2014. On the flip side, the proposal of the then Public Works Department Minister Chennabasappa, in 1977, to bring down the clock tower to widen the road was protested by the residents of Virajpet. The residents of Virajpet looked up to the clock tower with so much love and pride the proposal to bring down the clock tower had to be called off.

India 2015 Centenary Celebration Clock Tower Virajpet KARNAPEX Special Cover


The clock had stopped working a couple of years ago. However, the Town Panchayat (TP) took up repair work and restored its old glory before the tower was up for its centenary celebration.

Spending my growing up years at Virajpet, I continue to see Clock tower as the heart and soul of the town, and I am sure the people of this town will resonate with the same.

So why wait? Get here to this small tranquil town, and get a view of the clock tower or rather the Big Ben of Virajpet.