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Why should I visit the Kalahari? What is it about Kalahari that makes it special?

The Kalahari Desert is a large basin-like plain located in the interior plateau of Southern Africa. It stretches across most of Botswana, eastern Namibia and parts of the Northern Cape province in South Africa. It is estimated to cover an area of 9,30,000 sq km and is home to a diverse range of wildlife, well adapted to this unique landscape. It is also the traditional home of the San Bushmen, known as 'the first people' and considered one of the oldest cultures on Earth. Relatively unexplored, it offers one of the most unique wildlife experiences on the globe.

How do you get the Kalahari Experience at Evolve Back Gham Dhao Lodge?

The Evolve Back Gham Dhao Lodge is situated in an 11000-hectare Private Game Reserve on the northern border of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana. Classically African in style with a relaxed, informal ambience, the Lodge offers a selection of activities that allows the discerning visitor a rare chance to experience the Kalahari as it should be. Evolve Back Gham Dhao Lodge introduces you to every aspect of the Kalahari, from its famed night skies and unique wildlife to the resident San people and their ancient culture.

Which is the best way to reach Evolve Back Gham Dhao Lodge?

Evolve Back, Gham Dhao Lodge has its own private airstrip licensed to a maximum of 5700KG, making it easily accessible within Botswana.
For those wishing to self–drive the nearest village is Rakops, about a 1-hour 45-minute drive to the east. The small town of Maun is approximately 2 and a half hours drive further north. The directions from various places is as follows:
From South Africa: The most obvious and practical route from the South is via Rakops. The last refueling stop on the main tar road is at Mopipi, after Letlhakane and before Rakops.
From Maun: Follow the road to Makalamabedi. Turn off +/- 52 km from Maun. Turn right before the Makalamabedi Veterinary fence and see the Evolve Back, Gham Dhao Lodge signboard.
From Ghanzi: Take the tar toad towards Maun. Turn right directly after the Kuke Veterinary fence and drive along the cutline fence towards the east.

What are the special Covid prevention measures taken at the lodge?

The welfare and safety of our guests are of paramount importance to us. To ensure a safe environment for you and your family while you enjoy a memorable holiday, we have implemented special protocols formulated in consultation with the best of public health experts in this regard. These protocols are constantly updated in keeping with the latest developments.

Do you have WIFI and Internet facilities in the tents?

We offer complimentary WIFI in the Main Lodge building only. WIFI and internet are not available in any of the tents. Due to the nature of our location, speeds may vary from day to day. The rated speed for Evolve Back Gham Dhao Lodge is 15 Mbps.

Is there mobile connectivity in your properties?

There is no mobile connectivity at Evolve Back Gham Dhao Lodge. However, wifi-enabled services like WhatsApp can be accessed from the Main Lodge building, which has wifi connectivity.

I am travelling with my child and was wondering if you provide baby food for infants?

Infants are not permitted in the lodge. Please let us know well in advance if you require any special diet/food for your children.
Kindly contact res@evolveback.com | +91 73 4928 5246, our travel specialist would be pleased to assist you and address any concerns & questions that you may have.

Do you have any provisions in place to deal with medical emergencies? How far are the hospitals and medical shops?

We are fully prepared to handle medical emergencies should they arise. We have First Aid Kits at hand. Should the need arise, we are fully equipped to take you to the nearest hospital by road. The nearest hospital to Evolve Back Gham Dhao Lodge, is 100 km or a three-hour drive away. In case you require any specific medication, you are requested to carry them with you as the nearest medical shop is 100 km or three hour's drive away. Our travel specialist would be pleased to assist you and address any concerns & questions that you may have.
Kindly contact res@evolveback.com | +91 7349285246

Do you have any facilities for drivers or maids?

We do not have any accommodation of facilities for drivers or maids. If guests prefer to bring their drivers/maid they can opt for an additional tent cottage.

We are a couple and what makes Evolve Back Gham Dhao Lodge so special for us?

Couples like you are among our most sought-after guests. We offer a range of specially crafted experiences for you – from Bush Dinners, Sundowners to Private Game Drives. We would also be happy to cater to any specific request that you may have. Our travel specialist would be pleased to assist you and address any concerns & questions that you may have.
Kindly contact res@evolveback.com | +91 73 4928 5246

Do you have special activities for children?

We do not offer any special activities for children. Children can participate in all the experiences/activities listed on the site unless mentioned otherwise. Our travel specialist would be pleased to assist you and address any concerns & questions that you may have.
Kindly contact res@evolveback.com | +91 73 4928 5246

I have pets at home and would like to bring them along with me. Is Evolve Back Gham Dhao Lodge pet friendly?

We regret to inform you that pets are not permitted on our properties.

What are your Confirmation, Payment and Cancellation policies?

Cancellation Policy: Confirmed bookings may be altered, cancelled or cut short if intimation in writing reaches the company as per the following terms.
Before 30 days of arrival: 100% refund
Within 15 - 30 days of arrival: 50% refund
Within 01 - 14 days of arrival: 25% refund
No show: No Refund
All refunds are subject to commission and/or bank charges.

Do you have an in-house Travel Desk?

We do not have an in-house Travel Desk.

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