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The two restaurants at Evolve Back, Kabini offer cuisines that are as varied as they are imaginative and memorable. Together, they are certain to fulfill every culinary aspiration and satisfy the most demanding palate.

Kuruba Adina Saru wood fire roasted leg of lamb served with local spices flavored curry, farm fresh red rice and charred farm baby corn.

Kuruba Adina Saru

Kuruba Adina Saru – wood fire roasted leg of lamb served with local spices flavored curry, farm fresh red rice and charred farm baby corn.



Mutton leg with bone – 300 Grams

For the Masala
1.Byadagi chilies – 15 Grams
2.Guntur chilies – 15 Grams
3.Coriander seeds – 5 Grams
4.Coconut oil – 5 Grams
5.Cloves – 5 Grams
6.Cinnamon – 5 Grams
7.Onion – 80 Grams
8.Garlic – 10 Grams
9.Ginger – 15 Grams
10.Coriander leaves – 10 grams

For the Marinate
1.Coconut oil – 15 Grams
2.Curry leaves – 5 Grams
3.Turmeric powder – 5 grams
4.Tomatoes – 160 Grams
5.Green chilies – 15 Grams
6.Rock salt – 5 Grams
7.Coconut milk – 5 Grams
8.Baby corn – 50 Grams



Step-1: Take a pan and add in the byadagi chilies, regular dried red chilies and the coriander seeds. Dry roast the ingredients till fragrant.
Step-2: Set aside on a plate to cool. In the same pan, add in a teaspoon of oil. Add in the onion, garlic and ginger. Sauté for a few minutes till the onions are soft. Add in a handful of coriander leaves and sauté for a few minutes. Set aside to cool.
Step-3: Grind these ingredients to a fine paste. Add half a cup of water while grinding and make sure the paste is ground fine.
Step-4: Heat oil in a pressure pan and add in the curry leaves and the mutton. Saute for a minute.
Step-5: Add in the turmeric powder and the tomatoes.
Step-6: Add in the ground paste. Wash the mixie with a cup of water and add it back to the pan.
Step-7: Add in a handful of green chiliesAdd in the rock salt. Add in a cup of water. Add some more water as necessary for the mutton to cook.
Step-8: Cover the cooker with its lid and allow it to cook on the lowest flame possible for half an hour. Step-9: Let the curry simmer for 30 minutes. Make sure there is enough water so the curry does not scorch at the bottom of the pan. After 30 minutes, allow the pressure from the cooker to settle on its own.
Step-9: Add some coconut milk and bring the curry back to a boil for just a couple of minutes.
Step-10: Separate the Mutton leg and Curry.
Step-11: Grill the Mutton leg on hot charcoal grill basting with curry.
Step-12: Cook the fresh Baby corn on grill basting with mutton curry .
Step-13: Serve hot with red rice.