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Kabini! An ancient land moulded by modernity but also strangely left untouched by it. A land of myths, legends, history and pristine wilderness. A place where sages were born, and mythical characters sought and found refuge. In these jungles, life beats to the rhythms of nature, which unfolds her secrets one page at a time. The secret to success in this venerable realm is the ability to wait and watch.

In this Blog on Kabini, we take you on a long and leisurely journey through this ancient land, which has been witness to mainstream and tribal synergy with a dash of colonial legacy thrown in for good measure.  As fellow travelers we invite you to share your own experiences of this journey of discovery.


male tiger kabini © santosh saligram

An Aural Journey through Nagarahole: The Sound of Tardiness

Published on: 088/04/2024 |Contributors: Santosh Saligram

In the jungles of Kabini, if light is a fair-weather friend, sound is an unreliable acquaintance. At times it takes you places to which light cannot escort your attention.

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Elephant Families 2

Caretaking in Elephant Families

Published on: 20/03/2024 |Contributors: Gowri Subramanya

At a family get-together, I was surprised by how much buzz the Oscar-winning documentary, the Elephant Whisperers had generated. It’s no secret that elephants manage to capture the fascination and wonder of almost everyone. 

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 MG 4937


Published on: 01/10/2022 |Contributors: Gowri Subramanya

Meandering through the backwaters of the Kabini reservoir, our eyes were set firmly on the banks where, we believed, our chances of sighting a wild animal was on firm ground and not entirely based on wild luck.

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