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Kabini! An ancient land moulded by modernity but also strangely left untouched by it. A land of myths, legends, history and pristine wilderness. A place where sages were born, and mythical characters sought and found refuge. In these jungles, life beats to the rhythms of nature, which unfolds her secrets one page at a time. The secret to success in this venerable realm is the ability to wait and watch.

In this Blog on Kabini, we take you on a long and leisurely journey through this ancient land, which has been witness to mainstream and tribal synergy with a dash of colonial legacy thrown in for good measure.  As fellow travelers we invite you to share your own experiences of this journey of discovery.



Five Wildlife Sightings You Can Expect Without Going on Safari

Published on: 08/07/2024 |Contributors: Gowri Subramanya

Safaris are all about expecting the unexpected, and in Kabini, I have had a few exciting and surprisingly close encounters with wildlife outside the gates of the National Park, while on a nature walk or a drive on the village roads.

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The Kabini & Kaveri Chronicles

Published on: 05/06/2024 |Contributors: Devayani Khare

Rivers have been the cradles of ancient civilisations, drawing nomadic herdsmen to their fertile plains and perpetual waters, inspiring the cultivation of land and the growth of societies, cities, and empires.

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An Aural Journey through Nagarahole: The Language of Deception

Published on: 13/05/2024 |Contributors: Santosh Saligram

Nothing in Nature exists to befool humans by design. Yet, there’s one thing that often succeeds in pulling the wool over our ears: sound.

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