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We at Evolve Back love to share with people simple yet compelling stories about the
nature, culture and people of our land. A symbiosis that we explore and celebrate
through expressive and uplifting videos, photos and more.


In Retro uses the medium of analogue photography to document the passage of time at our
destinations. It tells stories that are stark but powerful in their appeal, unencumbered by the distraction of colours and the oppressive lordship of technology.

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'Unforgotten' celebrates the timeless creations of human minds and hands. It is a chronicle of cultural inventions and expressions that we recall and celebrate. By displaying their history and significance, we seek to ensure that they remain unforgotten.



‘Naturally’ is a collection of simple yet compelling stories on the natural wonders of our land through short, informative videos. It aims at creating an emotional connection between our audience of responsible global travellers and the creatures we showcase.

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‘Art Shastra' showcases Evolve Back's private collection and the stories behind the canvas. It delves into the hearts and minds of some of the finest artists of our time as they create their masterpieces at Evolve Back’s enchanting locales.



‘Local Heroes’ is a series of enriching and endearing stories about what it means to be deeply and passionately human. They are stories of people from our destinations and their intimate relationships with the land. Local Heroes explores this profound union through insightful video and photo essays.

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Through Lifescapes, we showcase the wild beauty of our destinations in the hope that you will be inspired to help protect these beautiful creatures with whom we share the world.



A weekly compilation of notable wildlife sightings in Kabini beautifully photographed and narrated by our guests and naturalists. We hope these carefully curated snippets keep you energized, engaged, and connected to the wild between your trips to Kabini.

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